And Then I Read: MEMORIAL 3 & 4

Images © Monkeybrain, Inc., Richard Ellis & IDW.

This comic is developing nicely. Most of these issues take place in various parts of the fantasy realms devised by Chris Roberson including an immense library of sorts in the Tower of Babel and a lost section of London that was spirited away to The Everlands. As you might expect, things are not all hearts and flowers in this realm. A large part of it has been taken over by an apparently ruthless entity called Moment, who is making life miserable for many creatures great and small. The young woman at the center of the story, Em, is once more a desired pawn being sought after by several groups of mercenaries and/or agents of Moment. Meanwhile, Shrodinger the talking cat helps give readers an overview to the realms in question that’s enlightening.

The art by Rich Ellis is growing on me. I particularly like the shadowy characters done in negative like the one above, though I expect their unusual look is created by the colorist Grace Allison. Still, Ellis has to draw and ink them in a way that allows this to work. In all, MEMORIAL is a comic I’m growing to enjoy more with each issue.


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