And Then I Read: MEMORIAL 5

Images © Monkeybrain, Inc. and Richard A. Ellis.

I read the first four issues of this six-issue series a while ago, and am finally getting to the last two. This is a highly structured story by Chris Roberson that would probably benefit from reading all six issues together, so I’d recommend that. MEMORIAL begins in our world but much of it takes place in a fantasy world where a power struggle is underway between a mad queen of sorts and forces that oppose her in various surrounding lands. Em, a young girl from our world seems to have a pivotal role in this struggle, one she doesn’t understand yet. She’s been drawn into the Everglade and is caroming back and forth between various groups who want whatever unknown power or importance she holds.

In issue 5, Em becomes convinced she must face her nemesis, Moment, at the center of the Everglade, and with some help from a steampunk inventor, Timothy Sparks, and his flying machine, she travels there. What happens next clearly sets up the final revelations coming in issue 6.

The art by Rich Ellis is pretty good. In fact, it’s growing on me. Perhaps it’s just me, but I seem to see Ellis’s skills in character acting improving over the run of the book. And of course Michael Wm. Kaluta’s covers are outstanding. This is a fun story with a well-thought out setting, and I’m looking forward to the last issue, which I’ll be reading very soon.


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