And Then I Read: MEMORIAL 6

Images © Monkeybrain, Inc. and Richard A. Ellis.

The conclusion of this six-issue series, once again behind a stunning Michael Wm. Kaluta cover, gives us the final reveals and confrontations between Moment, the queen of the Everglade, and Em, now revealed as her sister Memory. I suppose that’s a spoiler, but really, it’s been pretty easy to figure out since at least issue 3, if not sooner. Moment fills us in on the missing parts of the backstory for this fantasy realm divided into three parts, the other one being Maybe, each with a sister in charge of it. This is a nicely thought-out setting by writer Chris Roberson, but I found the ending a bit anti-climactic. While everyone is battling Moment, Em and her friends slip away back to our world, with Memory’s memory now restored, and in possession of a powerful talisman, setting things up for a new set of adventures in the future, but not really resolving the main one in this series. Has Moment been subdued? One would guess not, but we’ll have to wait for another series to find out, I suppose. I did enjoy the storyline overall, and would be on board for more.

The art by Richard Ellis continues grow on me, and I think has improved over the span of the story. There are some areas that could use improvement, but in general he did a fine job.


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