And Then I Read: MEN AT ARMS by Terry Pratchett

This is the 15th book in Pratchett’s Discworld series, the second focused on the Night Watch division of the City Watch in Discworld’s largest city, Ankh-Morpork. I’ve decided to read the rest of the Night Watch books next, as I enjoyed the two I’ve already read.

Captain Samuel Vimes of the Night Watch is about to marry Sybil Ramkin, the richest woman in the city, and retire from his duties. He’s not very happy about the retirement, or the social life Sybil has lined up for him. He’s more comfortable walking the city streets in search of crime. The Watch has been directed to diversify its officers, and has taken on several new recruits from previously unheard-of city groups: a dwarf Cuddy, a troll Detritus, and a werewolf Angua. The best officer in the squad is Carrot, a strong, handsome young man with charisma who is able to get almost anyone to do what’s right, but he has his hands full with the feuding factions of trolls and dwarves, not to mention other groups like the Assassins’ Guild and the Sorcerers. One of the Assassins’ Guild has secretly discovered that Carrot is actually the heir to the long-empty throne of Ankh-Morpork, and decides to turn the people against their current chief executive, Lord Veterinari, through a series of mysterious assassinations that will make Veterinari look bad and allow the rise of Carrot as the new king (something Carrot is not in favor of). To accomplish these killings, a rare weapon is stolen and used, the only gun in Discworld, and it not only kills effectively, it preys on the mind of the user. Vimes has been told not to investigate these killings, a sure way to get him to do so, but will Carrot and his new recruits be able to solve the mystery of the killer and track him down before Veterinari’s own life is taken?

A fine, fun read, and recommended.

Men At Arms by Terry Pratchett

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