And Then I Read: MISTER MIRACLE #8

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Tom King, art and colors by Mitch Gerads, letters by Clayton Cowles.

On this series, I missed issues 5-7 due to a digital delivery problem, but I found this one easy to understand despite that. There are some surprising developments: Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) is now Highfather and running the war against Darkseid, but switching off with his wife Barda, so they are mostly not together in this issue, and communicating about home life and the battle long-distance. At home, they have a child, Jack, and are getting help with him from Funky Flashman (the Jack Kirby character meant to be a parody of Stan Lee). Somehow that kind of works. The one thing that puzzled me is that, in the war, Scott is taking all kinds of punishment and injuries, but at home he seems okay, so there may be more going on than I can follow, and there are those occasional out-of-focus images that suggest something isn’t right with Scott. The home scenes are definitely more fun than the battle ones. When Scott and Barda finally have some time together at the end, it’s a charming wrap to the issue. And the Batman doll gag seen on the alternate cover here is part of a funny bit inside.


One thought on “And Then I Read: MISTER MIRACLE #8

  1. Rocky Parsons

    The way this creative team has contrasted the brutal horrors of war and the ordinary, banal interactions of everyday home life is incredible. The previous issue was a standout in a similar way with Scott at the hospital awaiting Jack’s birth – a process which also combines utter terror (especially for first-time parents) and stupefying boredom. There seem to be parts of the story which are not “real”, only taking place in Scott’s (or someone’s) mind. But it’s unclear where the boundaries lie, although the out-of-focus static panels may provide a clue. Just a brilliant collaboration of writer and artist.

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