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It’s no secret I’m a Buckingham fan. If you are, you’ll enjoy this celebration of all things Bucky from TwoMorrows. The text, in interview style, covers Bucky’s comics career from the early beginnings, through MIRACLEMAN with Neil Gaiman, a variety of Marvel and DC projects, and culminating in his long-term involvement with FABLES. The focus is on the work, but there are enough details about Bucky’s life and times, as well as his work process, to satisfy me, and probably you, too.


Needless to say, there are lots of uninked pencils, design sketches, and plenty of art you aren’t likely to see anywhere else, all of it charming and entertaining, as well as a sampling of finished work from Bucky’s many projects over the years. In addition to a ton of black and white art, there’s an eight page color section, too. I found this book enlightening, and learned a lot, even though we’ve worked together for years. TwoMorrows always puts out a quality product, and this one is no exception. Highly recommended.

Modern Masters 22 Mark Buckingham

One thought on “And Then I Read: MODERN MASTERS 22 MARK BUCKINGHAM

  1. Sean Phillips

    You’re right, it’s another great Modern Masters book, Todd. I’ve known Bucky 20 years and I still learned plenty reading this.
    The Guy Davis one that just came out is great too.


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