And Then I Read: NEONOMICON 1

Images © Alan Moore & Avatar Press.

I haven’t been a fan of most of the Avatar comics I’ve read. They seem to be big on latching onto properties with a big creator name and milking it with lots of cover variants and different editions, and the art they use tends to be overly detailed and colored too darkly. I decided to give this one a try anyway, as it promised a new Alan Moore story, and the art by Jacen Burrows was more appealing to me than others at Avatar. Plus the title suggests a story homaging H.P. Lovecraft, and while that’s been overdone in general, one can depend on Alan to handle it well, and he does.

This is essentially a mash-up of a police procedural TV show and Lovecraft’s Elder Gods mythos, much in the way that TOP 10 was a mix of police shows and superheroes. While much of the issue is static images of people talking, the atmosphere of tension and bad karma grows steadily in Alan’s sure hands, and when moments of horror erupt, they’re both shocking and satisfying in some cathartic way. Meanwhile, Alan is developing a cast of macho guys and one passive/aggressive woman, Merril Brears, and sending them into the heart of the maelstrom. When agents Brears and Gordon visit a homicidal killer in prison and he starts talking in Lovecraftian eldritch language, you know things are not going to get on well…!

I like this so far, but may wait for a collection to read the rest, not sure yet. If strong language and horror imagery is a problem for you, you might skip this one, but otherwise it’s recommended.

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