And Then I Read: NEXUS ARCHIVES Volume 8


© Mike Baron and Steve Rude.

Not much to add to what I’ve already written about this excellent archival reprint series. They’re beautifully produced, the work included is still great reading, with fine art and terrific stories. Guest artists on several issues, Paul Smith, suffers only by comparison to the co-creator and master Steve Rude, whose every page is a joy to behold.


Occasionally his art is so stunning it makes one gasp, as on this two-page spread of a collapsing black hole.

In the introduction, writer Mike Baron is described as not very interested in writing a super-hero comic, which is what his first publisher wanted, until he and Rude came up with the subversive idea of a hero who’s also a serial executioner. The idea worked, and has ever since. In these pages you’ll find some classic moral and emotional conflicts underlying the dynamic art and great storytelling.

Highly recommended.

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