Images © Mike Baron and Steve Rude.

When I started getting these great hardcovers I thought at first I’d just get the first few, as I remembered the early issues as being really good, but hadn’t retained much detail from them. Here we are at Volume 9, and I’m still getting them and enjoying them thoroughly. Mike Baron continues to develop and deepen the relationships of the main characters, crafting in Nexus himself an unusual combination of tragic figure, hero, and ordinary man. In this volume he’s given up his powers, which have passed to two of his deadliest enemies, making for some chilling scenes and great drama. Meanwhile, the craziness of Ylum and her polyglot of species and religions that all seem to be either plotting against or at war with each other provides both comic relief and more action.


The best art, as always, is by Steve Rude, here represented in three long issues of the NEXT NEXUS miniseries, while the main series has art mostly by Paul Smith, with one issue each by Neil Hansen and Adam Hughes. The Hughes art is early and not particularly accomplished, especially since we know how much better he’ll get later. But Rude is the one to study and pore over, his art here is top notch.

Highly recommended, but do start with Volume 1.

5 thoughts on “And Then I Read: NEXUS ARCHIVES VOLUME 9

  1. Lawrence

    Wow. After reading your post I’m glad I didn’t pass up some packaged used issues of _Nexus_ that I found last week. For a mere $3.99, I bought issues 1-9; and for a paltry $4.99, I purchased issues 13-25. I have some left to complete the run, but I suppose they’ll turn up sooner or later. I’m confused, though. What I have is called (on the cover) “The New Color” _Nexus_. I guess this is not the beginning of the series? Rude is already the artist here, and I will wholeheartedly second your opinion that his art is stellar. The reason I walked around for thirty minutes with these, put them back on the shelf and left the store, and then turned my car around in the circle drive of an assisted living complex (!) and went back for them were those powerful covers. The first two issues contain compelling writing, excellent art, and characterization that rivals any I’ve experienced from my favorite writers. So, what do we have here? Coincidence? Serendipity? The amazing influence that simply surrounds comics all the time like some sort of benevolent spiritual force? 🙂


  2. Todd Post author

    The first few issues were black and white, they started with new numbering when they went to color interiors. All early issues had art by Steve Rude.

  3. Lawrence

    Has anyone heard the flexi disc that comes w/the 3rd issue? I found it rather cheaply (by luck, chance, and good grace, I suppose); I should have it soon. But what I don’t have is: a record player! So it will probably sit around like my Alan Moore flexi disc: on a shelf! Now I need to find, by luck, chance, and good grace, I suppose, and affordable, working turntable! Anyway, I thought the idea of whatever music / sound effects they’ve set to this thing could be rather neat to hear. I keep hoping that I’ll actually know . . .

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