And Then I Read: NIGHT FORCE 2

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue expands the story back into history, opening with an interesting scene featuring one of this country’s founding fathers confronted by three ominous and frightening figures. Through the rest of the issue we rejoin Baron Winters and his new companions (I guess) Zoe Davis and James Duffy as more of the background puzzle is unraveled, connecting Zoe and James to the mysterious trio. Along the way Zoe hears some shocking personal news about a child she doesn’t even remember having, and James is threatened by the Baron’s pet leopard. Then there’s the witch, Kassandra Fey who has more bad news for Zoe and James recalls the horrific events surrounding his father’s death.

The art by Tom Mandrake seems to be getting both a little looser and more sure-footed, thereby improving the flow of the story and the realism of the characters. And Mandrake proves he’s the perfect choice for this kind of story with a great mix of atmosphere, energy and good storytelling.

If you like comics that mix horror, the supernatural and human drama, you’ll enjoy this book. Recommended.

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