And Then I Read: NIGHT FORCE 7

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Writer Marv Wolfman wraps up his latest NIGHT FORCE storyline here in a satisfying way. The somewhat complex storyline involving generations of arranged pregnancies directed by strange otherworldly beings kinds of falls away from the main characters who finally get to make some decisions and actions of their own and take charge of their own future. There are some clever games played with time and repeating events, a revealed object of power, and as usual Baron Winter and his leopard partner acting cranky even while doing the right thing.

The art by Tom Mandrake has continued to grow more powerful as the series progressed, and in this final issue is full of energy, and even shows the moody influence of the original artist on the series, Gene Colan. Mandrake takes a slightly impressionistic approach here that works well, and his layouts and storytelling are great.

Highly recommended, though of course not the place to start. I suggest getting the collected edition if there is one, and there should be.

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