Image © Paul Constant, Alan Robinson and Ahoy Comics.
Main story written by Constant, art by Robinson.
Backup story written by Constant, art by Randy Elliott.
Colors by Felipe Sobreiro, letters by Rob Steen.
Cover by David Nakayama.

In this reverse approach to “Back to the Future,” three jocks have been cryogenically frozen for thirty years, and are now trying to deal with today’s world where everything they think of as nerdy is popular, or even necessary to navigate their new reality. Starting out at a comics convention makes their plight all the more obvious, especially when one of the three, blond football player Chad, seems filled with rage he’s barely able to control. When police are called, their military appearance frightens even Chad, and the three run off, but with little idea what to do next. They have little money, and no way to reach anyone who might know them. If only they could find the nerdy kid who got them into this mess…

A fun idea well handled, though Chad’s anger is getting a bit tiresome. The backup story about Drew is quite good, too, and more thoughtful than the comedy of errors the main story has been so far.


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