Written by Paul Constant, art by Alan Robinson (lead) and Randy Elliott (backup),
colors by Felipe Sobreiro, letters by Rob Steen

I’m impressed with the writing of Paul Constant on this title because he’s made me sympathize with the lead characters, even though I don’t like them. Steve, Drew and Chad are three high-school jocks from the 1980s tricked into cryogenic sleep by their inventor-nerd enemy Alvin. When they wake up in our present time, they’re completely lost in every way, struggling to survive without getting arrested in this issue while they try to reach Alvin, now a successful business owner. Chad is the least likable of the three, he’s stubborn, cruel and violent. This issue’s backup story gives us some possible reasons why. The other two have a little more sense, but they can’t navigate today’s world at all. Strangers in a strange land is a plot device that works well here.


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