Image © Paul Constant, Alex Robinson & Ahoy Comics.

As editor Tom Peyer points out in this issue, writer Paul Constant has done something unlikely in this series, of which it’s the final issue: made us root for the bullies. Steve, Drew and Chad bullied classmate inventor Alvin, so when they entered his cryogenic freezing machine in the 1980s, he did nothing to help them. Thirty years later when they somehow came back to life, he didn’t even know about it at first. When he found out, Alvin was very happy to see them because he was now the CEO of a tech startup company about to launch cryogenic freezing for the masses. There’s just one problem with his plan…it won’t work.

I liked how this story resolved, and particularly the fate of the three bullies. In the backup story we see things from Alvin’s point of view, also interesting. Yes, nearly everyone in this story has moral flaws and bad deeds behind them, but it works all the same.


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