And Then I Read: RACHEL RISING Volume 1

RachelRisingV1TPImage © Terry Moore.

At the beginning of this book we see a gully in the woods filled with dirt. It begins to move. A hand emerges, and eventually the body of a young woman, dirty but visually unharmed, wearing a black dress. As on the cover, she begins to breathe, and vapor emerges from her mouth. Her eyes are oddly tinted. Is this a zombie story? Well, maybe. Sort of. But not the usual kind. Rachel stumbles out to a road and a passerby takes her home. She showers, and dresses, and begins talking to her cat. “What happened last night? Why can’t I remember?”

As the story develops, it appears that Rachel is technically dead, but in her mind believes herself to be alive, evidence to the contrary like her weird eyes notwithstanding, She feels alive. Her mind seems fine. Rachel sets out to discover what did happen to her, and along the way encounters friends and relatives who have no certain answers, and strangers who might, like a little girl who sees a woman that no one else can see…except Rachel. And every time they see that woman, somebody dies.

It’s an odd story, and a compelling one. Terry Moore is a master at creating believable people, so when a few of them do unbelievable things, it’s all the more disconcerting. I would call this a horror story, except that it has some funny moments and times when the tension lifts and it’s a people story. Really a fine mix and a page turner, with lots of unexpected twists, and many memorable moments.


One thought on “And Then I Read: RACHEL RISING Volume 1

  1. Ken Love


    This book has only gotten better as it goes. And right now , nicely coincidental, Terry is taking pre-orders for an omnibus collection of the whole 42 issue series over at his website, although I don’t know for how much longer as there will only ever be 750 copies of this hardcover signed edition (there will be a softcover retail edition later).


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