RagnarokHC004Image © Walter Simonson.

Walt Simonson has long loved Norse mythology, and Norse gods. His run on Marvel’s THOR is legendary. Here he takes a darker and deeper look at some of those myths. The story takes place long after a massive battle where all the Norse gods we know were slain…or were they? An assassin is sent to the scene of the battle, and finds a prisoner there bound by huge chains and apparently dead. When he comes back to life, the story really gets rolling.

Visually, this book is a delight, full of Simonson action. The writing is great too, though I found it a little odd that his protagonist, seen above, has lots to say even though he seems to be missing a lower jaw. Okay: gods, magic, I get it. In some ways he’s kind of a zombie version of Thor, but Walt gives him so much power and energy, I soon left that impression behind, and settled back to enjoy the ride. A fine ride it is, too. Everything the main character knew and loved is gone, but that doesn’t stop him from raging against fate, and fighting every last horrific enemy that rises to oppose him. He may be the last of his kind, but he’s not finished quite yet!

Highly recommended.

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