And Then I Read: SAGA Volume 4

SagaVol4Image © Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Why is this book so popular? I’m sure lots of other comics creators would like to know and are attempting to figure that out. I can only say what I like about it. First, it’s quirky and unpredictable. SAGA began as a sort of interstellar Romeo and Juliet, but quickly jumped on to new storylines. For one thing, the star-crossed lovers from different planets did not die, and in fact now have a growing child, and are hiding out in a rural community. There they do what they can to get by: Alana is now acting in a soap opera (well disguised), while Marko is a stay-at-home dad for their toddler Hazel.

Meanwhile, many very dangerous people are looking for them, including a robot prince who is an odd mixture of flesh and a TV screen for a face, various bounty hunters, military organizations, etc. Brian deftly uses them to build tension while the main characters have their own marital strife and personal soap opera going on at home. Then there’s the extended family including the spirit of a dead girl, Marko’s mother, and a pet walrus. The characters are all interesting and very human, there’s elements of suspense, humor and romance, and one feels that action is always just about to happen, and probably not in a good way. This book is definitely a page turner. It’s gotten pretty complex with a large cast, and at the beginning of this volume there’s an in-story recap of at least some of the plot, which I found helpful.

In all, excellent reading, I’m always ready for more. Highly recommended.

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