And Then I Read: SAGA Volume 5

SagaVol5Image © Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan.

I’m only reading this in the collections, and months pass between those, so it’s getting hard for me to keep track of the many characters and plot lines herein. The star-crossed lovers are no longer together, and each has a small entourage. Then there are the people pursuing each of them, and a few others floating around. I’m not enjoying the read quite as much as I did previously, but there are still many fine character moments and plot twists. Lying Cat alone is worth the visit, and there are a number of other characters I’m enjoying, even if I’m not always clear on their stories. I did appreciate the historical synopsis at the beginning of this book, but an outline of the main plot points at the front would be even more helpful. Still, fine writing by Brian, and excellent art by Fiona. The story is always surprising and never boring.


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