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Publisher Nat Gertler was kind enough to send me a copy of this book he published, no doubt because of the glowing review I gave the “Complete Peanuts” series published by Fantagraphics. These are one-panel cartoons created by Charles Schulz (do I need to add of “Peanuts” fame?) for YOUTH magazine, aimed at teens in the church he was a member of, headquartered in Indiana.

Page sample 1

I enjoyed reading it, and got a few chuckles out of some, like the one above, which are about teens in general. Many others focus on church themes and activities that were probably amusing to the target audience, but weren’t so much to me. The drawings are a bit odd, probably because we’re all so used to seeing Schulz’s small children. They often seem to have Peanuts heads stuck onto tall, gangly bodies.

page sample 2

Others use cartooning shortcuts, like the girl’s profile above, that seem pulled from some other artist’s repertoire entirely.

I’d recommend this to any Schulz fan, just don’t expect the same level of overall genius as “Peanuts.” The aim here was much more specific, and for the general audience there are as many misses as hits.

If you’re one of those who have already jumped on the Amazon Kindle bandwagon, you can get this book for your reader:

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  2. Nat Gertler

    Todd — thanks for the nice review. But we here at About Comics don’t do direct mail order, so I recommend that people either look for it at their local comic shop (where both paperback and hardcover may be available) or major bookstore (where only the paperback would be available), or order the paperback directly from Amazon, or order the hardcover through one of Amazon’s third-party sellers.

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