And Then I Read: SECOND COMING #1

Written by Mark Russell, art by Richard Pace with Leonard Kirk.
Colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen.

This is the series that was bounced by DC and picked up by Ahoy, who already has a Christian religion-themed satire comic, HIGH HEAVEN, so I guess taking this one made sense for them.

Unlike HIGH HEAVEN, this one starts with God creating humans, and finding them difficult to handle right from Adam and Eve. God already has a son, Jesus, who volunteers to go down to Earth to see what he can do, and God likes the idea of him taking on the “family business.” Most of us know how that worked out.

In the present day, a superhero named Sunstar with powers similar to Superman is fighting crime in Urban City, and catches the eye of both God and Jesus. God admires the work Sunstar is doing, and decides to enlist him as a tutor for Jesus, dropping his son off at the apartment of Sunstar and his girlfriend Sheila. Sunstar hardly knows what to do with Jesus, bringing him along on a mission to stop sellers of illegal merchandise, but telling him to wait outside. Jesus has his own way of helping that’s not what Sunstar expected.

The humor here is obvious and not subtle, but the story does take an interesting turn toward the end when Jesus tells Sunstar about his best friend from his previous time on Earth, and what happened then. As someone who is not religious, but reasonably familiar with Christian teachings, I found the book entertaining, and will read more issues if I get them. I don’t see the series as either groundbreaking or provocative, but it’s a good read.


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