Images © Sergio Aragonés.

Anyone who’s met or listened to Sergio at a comics convention, or seen him draw his funny pictures at lightning speed, knows what a charmer he is in every way. But most of the narrative comics work he’s done (as opposed to short gags or single cartoons) have been with Mark Evanier supplying the words over Sergio’s ideas and art. Here Sergio does it all, and while there are some one-pagers that are quite amusing, the best part of the issue is the longer true story from his own youth. It seems Sergio’s father worked behind the scenes in the movie business, and one time while Sergio was going to University in Mexico his father called to say he needed extras for the filming of a Hollywood western. Sergio gathered a crowd of enthusiastic students and headed for the movie set, not far from his school. The rest, as you can imagine, is hilarious. In fact, I think I found this story funnier than many of Sergio’s made-up ones about Groo that I’ve read.

Of course the art is great, full of sketchy details and small jokes that reward a closer look after you’ve enjoyed the main story. It’s all a fun read, and recommended.

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