Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Cecil Castellucci, art by Marley Zarcone and Ande Parks, colors by Kelly Fitzgerald, letters by Saida Temofonte.

Shade has tracked her favorite retro TV star, Honey, to Hollywood, specifically an old age home for former stars. Honey herself, depressed by her age and lost career, is ready to end her life, and has already taken pills to do so when Shade appears and reverses the process with some madness magic that switches their bodies, so Shade is in the old Honey’s body and Honey is in Shade’s (which was already a repossession of a catatonic school girl). This makes for a fun story as the two of them dress up and go out on the town together, each learning from the other. Honey is drawn to a film crew shooting an episode of something, and soon catches the eye of the director. Meanwhile, back on Meta, the quest to find Shade continues, and others are also searching for her, following the clues left by her madness magic. The “Life With Honey” backup by Castellucci with artist Marguerite Sauvage is also fun. Honey and her friends try to crash a lecture on Atomic Energy, but can only do it by dressing up as men (unconvincingly).

My off and on opinion of this title is back to on this time. Recommended.

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