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I find this is a title that goes in and out of focus for me. In focus, I like the story of an avian creature, Loma Shade, inhabiting the body of a human girl on Earth, Megan Boyer, who was formerly in a coma. Loma is reckless and now a criminal back on her homeworld, Meta, having stolen a madness vest, the means of her mental transformation, though her body remains there. On Earth, Loma is having lots of problems adjusting to human life, particularly because Megan turns out to be a cruel person who bullied and tortured many of those who knew her. It seems likely her coma was not accidental. Megan/Loma has made a few friends who try to help her, but mostly she’s hated.

Back on Meta, we follow the life of Loma’s friend Lepuck Ledo, and the search for the missing madness vest, and there things get hazy for me. Not sure where that’s going or why it’s important. Then there’s another hazy area, a threatening female form approaching Earth. Finally, there’s a Dial H for Hero backup that I can’t get interested in, but it’s just three pages.

I find parts of this book interesting, and want to read more, but I can only mildly recommend it.

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