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As seems appropriate for the Young Animal imprint, this book has lots of teen angst and confusion overlaying elements of fantasy, horror, and things from the original Vertigo SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN series. The title girl is a psychic composite of human and a birdlike creature from Meta. Madness is part of the deal, in the form of the madness cloak or coat, which seems to morph all the time like the book and the character. The human story is interesting: a mean girl who terrorized her school friends and swim-team classmates had a not-so-accidental accident and went into a coma. This left her available for the insertion of the Metan consciousness, but elements of the girl’s mind keep intruding. In this issue, the Metan is trying to understand human emotions and human guilt, something many teens go through. As a story, it’s loose and elusive, but individual scenes are interesting. The Vertigo series had a similar nightmarish feel at times, and stories that wandered around, so in that way it’s kind of similar. I don’t love or hate this book. I like it enough to keep reading, but can’t get up much enthusiasm for the writing, the art or the characters. That’s my take.

Mildly recommended.

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