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Shade, the human body inhabited by a bird-like creature from the planet Meta, seems to more alienated than ever in this issue, pushing away the few friends she’s made at school, ignoring her schoolwork and parents, and thinking only about getting back to Meta, if she can manage it. Meanwhile, the spirit of the girl whose body she’s in is floating around out there (in the Madness Zone? Hard to be sure) and heading back to Earth. On Meta, the friend who helped Shade steal the Madness Coat and flee with it to Earth in the first place is in a lot of trouble but still trying to protect her.

I’m back to not caring much for the places this story is going. The art is nice, has some appealing, trippy elements and storytelling, but it all feels like teen angst and ennui, no one to root for as far as I’m concerned.

The short backup story, “Life With Honey” was actually better than the lead this time, don’t know if that will continue or is a one and done.

Mildly recommended.

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