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Last issue I was commenting that the birdlike alien from Meta, Loma, who inhabits the body of Megan on Earth, seemed to be giving up on trying to make that work, and wanted only to go home to Meta. This issue, the spirit of Megan herself arrives from somewhere and tries to get her body back. Suddenly, Loma finds she wants to keep it after all. While most of the people around her and at school think she’s gone crazy, Loma-Megan does have a few friends who are trying to help. Meanwhile, back on Meta, Loma’s true body has been found wearing the madness coat that has transported her spirit to Earth, and Loma’s friend on Meta is being forcefully interrogated to find out how that happened and how to get the coat to release her. Back on Earth, some kind of spirit friend is giving Loma-Megan advice on how to handle Megan’s angry spirit. Then there’s a puzzling teaser at the end that I didn’t get at all.

Despite sometimes being confused by the storyline, I did enjoy this issue. The dialogue, characters and art are entertaining enough to bring me back for more, and much of the storyline made sense and worked for me.

Mildly recommended.

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