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My favorite issue of this title so far, even though it’s a fill-in art team: Marguerite Sauvage with some help from Dan Parent. Here we finally get some significant back-story on the Avian, Loma, inhabiting the body of the Earth girl, Megan. Loma’s own story and childhood are explained and her interest in Earth and Rac Shade, the protagonist of the original series this is spun from. Loma meets Shade at his poetry reading and book signing, a fun idea, and even though Rac’s face is hidden here, we learn more about HIS story too. I liked that. Some of Loma’s odd and off-putting behavior in this book is now made more understandable by her background, and even as we learn that, Loma is struggling with the love/hate relationship she has with Earth and the new friends she’s found there. I even read and liked the backup strip this time, as I now get how and why it relates to the main one. My only quibble is, this material should have been in the first three issues, not issue 7. Oh, and the art and coloring is different and delightful.


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