And Then I Read: SHADOWPACT 13-15

Shadowpact 14 cover
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Hmmm, what to do this evening…write another lengthy logo study chapter or watch the baseball playoffs? Think I’ll just do a quick review.

I’m really liking where this book is going. At first it seemed a typical team super-hero book with supernatural overtones: much fighting and not a lot of character development. In the last handful of issues, including these, the pendulum has swung the other way, and that makes it much more appealing reading for me.

Issue 13, with great naturalistic art by Scott Hampton, begins with a quiet but intense prison escape episode that is quite chilling, and bodes ill for everyone the escapee meets in the future, which will no doubt be our heroes. Next a section of developing plot about a big adversary. And finally the arrival of an angel whose task it is to destroy Blue Devil. Three intriguing plotlines, all of which I want more of.

Issue 14 revolves around the Zauriel/Blue Devil story, which I thought very well done. It’s plot-driven in that Blue Devil’s origin figures largely, but it’s mainly character-driven, and our hero’s actions and reactions all felt right and real to me, in the context of his history and this series.

Issue 15 has Zauriel joining the Shadowpact team while Blue Devil works on his problems outside the team. More big battles in this one, but developed well, and with a finale that seems so over the top that it’ll be hard to follow, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. And isn’t that what monthly comics are all about?

One lettering note: the logo in a balloon seen in the cover above almost never looks good to me. I like the Shadowpact logo (don’t know who did it, but perhaps someone will read this and tell us), but it doesn’t fit well into an oval balloon. Just my two cents.

Recommended, looking forward to more.

One thought on “And Then I Read: SHADOWPACT 13-15

  1. Ford MF

    Huh. Maybe I’ll have to check it out again. I dropped the series after the sixth issue or so, largely because it was coming off as a fairly rote superhero book.

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