And Then I Read: SHADOWPACT 19-22

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I’ve grown quite fond of this title, so was not surprised to learn recently that it will be ending soon. I can’t say I love it, but it does have interesting stories and characters that I look forward to reading more about each time I get the chance. This run suffers a bit from musical artists, with Phil Winslade drawing two, Kieron Dwyer one, and the original team of Derenick and Faucher on one.  I actually like Winslade the best, as he brings an organic and naturalistic look that I think works will with these magical characters. Matt Sturges has taken over as sole writer, probably because Bill Willingham, his writing partner, is so busy elsewhere, and Matt does a fine job with these issues. Interesting insight into the worlds of Blue Devil and Nightshade are particularly good reading. Recommended, but I wouldn’t start with these issues.

4 thoughts on “And Then I Read: SHADOWPACT 19-22

  1. Lawrence McKenna


    Do you know who designed the logo for this one? Any comments on it? I’ve never heard of this title, but it looks interesting enough.


  2. Todd Post author

    I don’t, Lawrence, but I have a call in to DC to see if I can find out. I like it quite a bit.
    UPDATE: Ken Lopez at DC has just told me it was designed by “the great Rian Hughes.” I concur!

  3. Lawrence McKenna


    I’ve been reading a bit (and just a bit, admittedly) about Rian Hughes. Do you have any idea what he means by “describ[ing] typography as ‘the particle physics of design’ “? I’m always curious how serious designers / artists / writers are when they say such things or whether they’re looking for an easy, off-the-hip hip metaphor. Also, thanks indirectly to you, my wife might kill me. I’m buying Shadowpact issues after I told her I’d buy nothing else this summer. Eep. If you have any experience placating wives and know what works, clue me in.


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