And Then I Read: SHINY BEASTS by Rick Veitch

Shiny Beasts cover
©Rick Veitch.

This trade paperback, self-published by Rick, collects some of his four-color stories originally printed in Marvel’s EPIC ILLUSTRATED for the most part. Nearly all of the art is by Rick, and a fine variety of work it is, from lush airbrushed psychedelia to film-noir black and white grittiness. Most of the stories are by Rick as well, with the notable exception of an excellent one written by Alan Moore. Rick’s own stories cover a nice variety from humorous shaggy-dog stories to science fiction to horror. An anthology should have variety, and this one has plenty.

Shiny Beasts page

Here’s the title page to the Alan Moore story, the first of their many collaborations. Rick’s art can be a little rough around the edges at times, but there’s a solid understanding of drawing principles under everything that helps make it work. His writing is also rough-hewn in places here, as he was still learning, but there are moments of great insight and intelligence.

The printing and reproduction of this book is excellent, and Rick had the chance here to fix some flaws from the original printings. There’s even a foldout! And Rick wraps it all up with great stories about how they all came to be. Veitch fans, and fans of thoughtful and visually intriguing comics will be pleased.


7 thoughts on “And Then I Read: SHINY BEASTS by Rick Veitch

  1. Fnord Serious

    My budget is hoping to have room to squeeze in Shiny Beasts sometime soon. I love me some Vietch! Then I just have to track down a copy of 1941…..

  2. jbabcock

    Not enough Veitch on the stands and the Epic Illustrated work is among the best of ANYONE’s early output. Check out the fabulous lettering by Eff Bee Six!

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