And Then I Read: SLOTH by Gilbert Hernandez


© Gilbert Hernandez.

I liked this graphic novel by one of the LOVE AND ROCKETS creators, but I don’t think I really understand it. The story revolves around three characters, two young guys and a girl, who are friends and play music together as the amateur band “Sloth.” They also spend time exploring the lemon orchards around their town, and trying to track down urban myths.

On top of that setup, the story opens focused on one of the guys, Miguel, who has recently awoken from a year-long coma that no one can explain. He seems okay, but has a hard time moving fast, gaining him the Sloth nickname for another reason.

Here’s a sample page, be aware that it contains strong language.


That was all clear, and I was reading along, enjoying the story as the teenagers get in and out of trouble and have adventures, when suddenly…the viewpoint shifted to that of Lita. Now she’s the one who’s just awoken from a yearlong coma. More story follows, somewhat parallelling the previous part, but with changes, and no explanation of how or why the shift occurred. More adventures follow, and the story ends with what looks like another odd shift, but no real resolution.

I’ve always liked the Hernandez art styles of both Gilbert and Jaime, but the stories I recall from LOVE AND ROCKETS seemed more cohesive than this one. Still, the characters and dialogue are well done, the adventures entertaining. As long as you don’t mind the disconnects, it’s a good read. With that caution, it’s recommended.

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