And Then I Read: SNOWED UP by Rosalie K. Fry


© Rosalie K. Fry, cover illustration by Robin Jacques.

This is a Weekly Reader Book Club book I never saw as a child, though I do have a few others by the author. It’s the story of three British children on a Christmas holiday with relatives in Wales who become trapped in a blizzard and take shelter in an abandoned farmhouse. They were supposed to be on the bus home, but missed it, so no one knows they’re missing. It’s a good adventure story, if fairly tame, more “Swiss Family Robinson” than “Robinson Crusoe,” as they keep finding things, or have brought things that help them get by, from food to matches to shovels to fuel for the fire. The many full-page illustrations by Robin Jacques are marvelous, full of great drawing and Virgil Finlay-like pen work, as on the cover above. Actually, I buy any book I see with his illustrations. This was a fun read.


Snowed Up by Rosalie K Fry

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