And Then I Read (some of): THE SPIRIT 9

Image © Will Eisner Studios, Inc.

I’ve stopped reading this title because, well, because I don’t care for the main feature, but I had to read this backup by Paul Dini and Mike Ploog, and I was not disappointed, it’s a gem! If you’ve ever enjoyed any of Will Eisner’s own Christmas Spirit stories, you’ll like this one, I think it’s just as good as many of them. It shows what the right talent can do with just a few pages, also like Will. The entire art is reproduced from Ploog’s pencils, with the only ink apparent in the night sky on this and a few other pages. Some of the pages are scanned too light, giving the art a washed-out look, they should all have taken this one as the standard, but no matter, it’s still wonderful in every way.

Highly recommended for this backup, well worth the price of admission!

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