And Then I Read: SONS OF CAIN

SonsofCainImage © Charles Fetherolf

About two years ago I sat next to Charles Fetherolf at a small convention, and he was kind enough to give me this comic he wrote, drew and self-published. It’s a story of prehistoric man, specifically the men and women of one small tribe living in a vast northern wilderness, struggling to survive and find food, dealing with dangerous animals, and even more dangerous rival clans. The writing is well done, though the phonetic spelling for speech is sometimes hard to read, and the art is beautifully atmospheric black and white with gray washes and textures. The story and characters took me right with them into their difficult life and relationships, as the men struggle for dominance in their own clan, while still keeping the women and children together and safe. It’s quite well done, unlike any other comics I can think of, and recommended.

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