And Then I Read: STARBORN 1

Images © Boom Entertainment.

This comic starts out as a rather typical space opera battle, and I was prepared to dismiss it as something I wouldn’t want to read more of. Then, on page 4 we discover a young man at work in an office cubicle, typing up the space opera adventure, and the story gets more interesting immediately. The plot thickens nicely when Benjamin Warner, the author, finds out some of the same fantasy territory he’s been writing about, and thought he created on his own, appeared many years earlier in the novels and short stories of another writer. A girl Ben went to school with (and who he had a crush on) shows up at his job, and not long after that the office workplace suddenly becomes a battlefield of sorts, as creatures Ben has been writing about appear for real to wreak havoc!

I’m not sure how much of this came from Stan Lee, but I certainly recognize the writing style of Chris Roberson all over the final story, and it’s a good one so far.

The art by Khary Randolph is a bit too manga (or maybe just extremely stylized) for my taste; at times it works, but some of the exaggerated anatomy and expressions pulled me out of the story a few other times. Not bad, but not really a style I can entirely embrace. For the most part, the writing got me past that, and I’ll be looking for more of this title to see how it develops.


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