And Then I Read: STEEL CAGE #1

Image © Ahoy Comics. In addition to the credits listed above,
lettering by Rob Steen, cover by Elsa Charretier.

DC Comics once had SHOWCASE and THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD to try out new characters or features, but Ahoy Comics has a much cleverer idea. Divide this new anthology into three equal parts, and let three creative teams introduce a new comic. Readers are then invited to vote for their favorite on the Ahoy Comics website, and I expect the winner will be up for a future series, or perhaps the contest will continue by pitting winners against winners in future issues. All three of these are worthy entries.

Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson bring us the superhero Penultiman, posing as a lowly FBI office worker until his powers are needed. This may sound familiar, but the character’s origin is unusual, and rather funny, though he sure doesn’t think so.

There’s nothing funny about Bright Boy from Stuart Moore and Peter Gross, he’s a soul-tortured computer virus expert whose explosive powers seem to only get in the way when he’s trying to save the world.

Finally we have Noah Zark by Mark Waid and Lanna Souvanny, a charming story about a boy who has not only escaped from an interstellar menagerie of creatures from many worlds, he’s taken the creatures with him. Noah’s plan is to return each of them to their home world. The Zaxton Brothers, in hot pursuit, have another plan that doesn’t bode well for Noah.

Fun stuff, and recommended.

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