And Then I Read: SUICIDE RISK 1


Image © Boom Entertainment and Mike Carey.

This new series by writer Mike Carey and artist Elena Casagrande falls into a genre I think of as metaheroic. One that plays with the idea of superheroes and how they might affect the real world. We can set the start of it with MIRACLEMAN and WATCHMEN, I’d say (though there may be earlier examples), and run it up through ASTRO CITY, TOP 10, KINGDOM COME, IRREDEEMABLE, and more. SUICIDE RISK has elements of a police story, where the police have to deal with powered people, most of them criminals, and further, to try to find out how these people are getting those powers. It’s a dark scenario that leans more toward IRREDEEMABLE than ASTRO CITY, for example. The story is intriguing, but the overall feel doesn’t appeal to me so much, a little too grim and depressing. I don’t like TV cop shows for much the same reason. If you do, this might be just your thing. The writing and art are excellent.

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