And Then I Read: SUPERGIRL & THE LEGION OF S.H. 33-35

Supergirl and the Legion of S.H. 35 cover
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The run of writer Tony Bedard and artist Dennis Carlero continues on this title, which will soon make way for another team. I think they’ve done a fine job here, though there is a feeling of marking time. No major plot twists or revelations, but solid storytelling and art as part of the team searches for Cosmic Boy and encounters their own problems along the way. A few character bits seemed a bit off to me, like Atom Girl’s immediate attraction to the apparently villainous Wildfire, even though she can’t see him at all through his costume, and has barely had time to meet him. But other character interactions worked well for me, and overall I enjoyed these issues. The art has enough realism to allow the characters to “act” well, yet has a fine science-fictional or heroic action feel when needed.

Well done. Now let’s see what Jim Shooter brings to the table in future issues.

3 thoughts on “And Then I Read: SUPERGIRL & THE LEGION OF S.H. 33-35

  1. Michael Grabois

    Todd – did you have anything to do with the logo to the Shooter/Manapul Legion book starting with issue 37? It looks (to me) a lot like the direct descendant of your first 1980s Legion logo (as seen here in your Legion logo study from last summer).

  2. Todd Post author

    I just had a first look at it. It does look something like one of my old designs, but no, I had nothing to do with it. Don’t know who designed it.

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