And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 1 & 2

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What drew me to this title was George Pérez, who writes and does layouts, with artist Jesus Merino doing the rest of the art. I’ve always enjoyed George’s art, and liked his writing on Wonder Woman some years ago, so thought I’d give this a try. I’m at something of a disadvantage because I’m not reading ACTION COMICS at the same time, and there are some cross-references, but these two issues still hold together well on their own.

The time frame of this story is uncertain, but seems to be taking place at least a year or more after this version of Superman has made himself known to Metropolis and the world. Here, as Clark Kent, he’s again a newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet, but Lois has moved up to running the TV news side of a much bigger media company that has absorbed The Planet. We’re also back to Lois not knowing Clark is Superman, it seems, and she’s much more interested in the Superman persona, as in earlier eras, or the films. Jimmy Olsen is here as a video reporter, Perry White seems somewhat sidelined in the big corporate deal. Lois’s father General Lane makes an interesting appearance in issue 2. In all, I’m seeing an attempt to make a more modern news gathering company the central setting for the series, which makes sense.

Of course there has to be a menace or two to drive the story, and in issue 1 we have a fire monster that seems somehow connected to Krypton, or so Superman thinks. Much battling and destruction in the city, of course. In issue 2 we have another monster, but this one is invisible to Superman, though everyone else can see him. That’s a great idea, and well carried out visually. Superman’s solution to tackling this creature he can’t see attacking him is ingenious, too. And this monster is also similarly connected to Krypton. Hmm. Fire, then “Air.” I sense a pattern here…

The art by Perez and Merino looks great. Merino’s style comes through to give things a unique look without completely burying Pérez’s own style. It seems like a great pairing. And though there’s quite a bit of talking on some pages, as here, there’s also lots of action. So far I’m liking this!


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