And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 3

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

George Perez, writer and layouts, is telling an enjoyable Superman story, pitting him against elemental creatures with a Kryptonian connection of some kind, though we don’t yet know what that might be. The first two were creatures of fire and air, this is one of water in the form of ice. I’m sure we’ll see something representing earth next time. Behind that action-filled adventure there are lots of interesting sub-plots going on in this revamp, with Clark Kent being pushed off the headline stories in his job at The Daily Planet, now part of a media empire, with Lois Lane in charge of the TV news division. For me a revamp works when it honors what went before while bringing new things to the table, and I think this one accomplishes that pretty well. It does borrow ideas here and there, such as the one where an investigative reporter is calling for a campaign to proclaim Superman a menace (J. Jonah Jameson anyone?), but in all it’s a good read.

The art team of Nicola and Trevor Scott do a pretty good job with the interior art over Perez’ layouts, though perhaps without the panache of Perez himself, but quite good. It’s been a long time since I read SUPERMAN, and while this is not great work, I think its worth your time.


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