And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 33


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

This title is reminding me what I like about the writing of Geoff Johns. It’s when he has a free hand to re-imagine characters I’ve known for years, without distractions like super-teams, crossover events and world-ending disasters. His vision of Superman and surrounding cast is charming, clever and engaging. Further, we get to see Superman’s world through the fresh eyes of Ulysses, a new super-character who has just returned to Earth after a long exile. It’s fine writing and great reading. As for the art, I’ve now fully adjusted to the style of Romita and Janson, and it no longer distracts me at all from the story. I like it. I can’t say it’s my favorite version of the characters by any means, but it works fine for me.

Oh, and I wonder if it’s a coincidence that this version of Superman’s logo is very much like the one used on the first Superman movie? Perhaps not.


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