And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 36

Superman36Image © DC Comics, Inc.

This book is really working for me by cutting down on complications and clutter and telling a dramatic (okay melodramatic, but this is comics) story about people, two of whom happen to be super. In addition to the title character, there’s Ulysses, with powers equal to Superman, who as a child was sent to another dimension by his scientist parents, is now back on Earth, and is offering to help his natal planet by taking six million Earth residents with him to a better place. There’s lots of giant alien ships right out of “Close Encounters” crossed with “Jack Kirby,” and all the moral dilemmas of people trying to decide if they should go. There’s confrontation with the alien pilots of the craft, and there’s a much bigger conflict between Superman and Ulysses when the former begins to suspect something else is really going on behind the seemingly benevolent Earth Exodus. The art is atmospheric, linear, moody, electrifying, and despite all the lines, much simpler than a lot of overly detailed comics art today. I love it. Love the writing, too. This comic rocks.


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