And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 4 & 5

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

In the past issues we’ve seen Superman beset by four entities representing Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each of them has spoken to him in Kryptonian. Each has caused havoc in Metropolis and among the cast members, now the four have ganged up on Superman and apparently taken his place, though as we see eventually, not completely. Clark Kent’s life is in shambles, the Daily Planet and its TV news affiliate have been equally hit, and everyone is lashing out at Superman now, too, as he seems to be taking draconian measures against any possible threat to the city or himself, even such a minor threat as an annoying talk show host. Writer George Perez has brought the story to its nadir in these issues, and is keeping me guessing as to how he’ll bring it all back up.

The art by Jesus Merino on issue 4 and Nicola and Trevor Scott on 5 is fine. The colors by Brett Smith and Brian Buccellato add a lot to the package as well, as seen here. What a long way comics coloring has come in the last 20 years!


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