And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 40

Superman40Image © DC Comics.

For the final pre-CONVERGENCE issue of SUPERMAN, John Romita Jr. writes as well as pencils, and does a fine job. Superman is still trying to figure out the new power he’s discovered which is dangerous to anyone around him when used, and exhausts Clark Kent’s super-abilities for a while afterwards, a kind of super-intense heat beam, and I mean core of the sun hot. The Justice League is helping him, and they have some tests and lots of opinions, but no real answers. There’s a great scene afterwards where they all go to dinner in their civvies, and Clark gets drunk for the first time.

Next morning, a crisis arises, and as in the previous issue, Superman attempts to handle it, even though his powers are not yet fully restored. An interesting final scene with Lois leaves us with “To Be Continued.” I believe a new writer takes over after the break, I’ll be giving his work a try. I’ve been enjoying this book.


One thought on “And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 40

  1. Fletch

    I like the cover there, but I’m not sure I really like John Romita Jr’s art style. I liked him OK when he was illustrating Daredevil when Al Williamson was inking over him and Ann Nocenti writing, but currently I don’t really like his art so much. What’s strange is that I typically like the inking of Klaus Janson – have ever since he inked Frank Miller – but his inking seems a lot rougher or something these days – like a heavier stroke than he used to use? The colorist somehow makes it all more palatable. It’s a different coloring style than in most comics you see these days – kind of a pastel look.

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