And Then I Read: SUPERMAN #42

Superman42Image © DC Comics

Superman’s secret Identity is unraveling. First he revealed his secret to Jimmy Olsen to gain an ally, but then he found himself compromised by some unknown online messenger. Now Lois Lane learns the truth, and things soon promise to get further out of control if Clark Kent is outed by the group “Hordr” that contacted him. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois are under attack from a real-world group of assassins. Condesa, a former Hordr member, has offered to help by getting them into the secret Hordr campus, but can she be trusted? Writer Gene Yang continues to do a good job of keeping me intrigued, though his placement and organization of the Hordr campus is a bit hard to swallow. Romita and Janson’s art continues to appeal to me. I plan to continue reading!


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