And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 48

Superman48Image © DC Comics

The opening scene of this comic is at a Presidential Debate, with some entertaining topical moments that might or might not make any sense if you don’t follow politics. A super-assassin, Kingslayer, is attempting to kill one of the debaters, and Superman intervenes. Even without most of his powers, he’s still able to prevail, but Clark wants his powers back, and A.R.G.U.S. has what he thinks might help: the largest collection of Kryptonite on the planet. When he tries to use it, Clark is attacked again at a time when he’s most vulnerable.

I’m afraid this title is losing me as a reader. I stuck with it for a while after the departure of writer Geoff Johns, and then artist John Romita Jr., but it’s getting too far from the characterizations by them that I most enjoyed. Plus, the Superman storyline is now running through this title as well as ACTION COMICS, with other titles like SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN also important to the story. I’m just not invested enough to go there. If you are, hope you enjoy the ride.

Mildly recommended.

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