And Then I Read: SUPERMAN 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue wraps up the storyline by George Perez of the false, angry Superman, who vents all over poor Supergirl in this issue, even while she’s speaking to him in Kryptonian. You’d think that would get her on his nice side, but no. In fact, the origin of this impostor is more complex than that, and it takes several pages of exposition to get it all explained. That slows things down between the big battle, and the return of the real Superman, but everything gets worked out, and there’s time for some nice character bits with Metropolis friends at the end. Not a bad story, if perhaps too complex at times.

The art this time seems to be entirely by Nicola and Trevor Scott, and it looks fine to me. The final page introduces a new storyline by a new creative team. Not sure if I’ll stick with this book, but issues 1-6 are recommended.

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