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I didn’t read this when it came out, just getting around to it now in this trade paperback edition. I loved the first two Superman movies directed by Richard Donner, and this comic is almost as much fun. Donner’s ideas for the film are developed further, and with no budget restrictions they can expand fully, bringing in additonal characters and ideas from the Superman mythos. Geoff Johns probably was a major contributer there as well, since he knows the characters well. The story is action-packed, but with plenty of great character bits, too, and it took me right back to the seventies, like sitting in the theater watching a new Donner Superman film.


The art by Adam Kubert is excellent. Kubert doesn’t try to capture any likenesses from the Donner films (probably wasn’t allowed anyway), but depicts the characters well, and allows them to act their parts convincingly, right down to the difference in body language between Superman and Clark Kent. I particularly liked the flashback sequences, as above, which use a pencil and paint style similar to the cover. Much of the rest is in traditional comics inks and colors. It all works well. Recommended.

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