And Then I Read: SURVIVOR’S CLUB 1

SurvivorsClub1Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz

This story begins with a group email that states, “Hi. You don’t know me, but I found your name on a list on the internet. Everyone on that list is missing or dead. There are only six survivors. We’re all in L.A. We’re all connected. Something bad happened to every one of us in 1987. Meet me and I’ll tell you about it.”

What a great opening hook, showing that in the hands of good writers, even plain, emotionless statements of fact can fill the mind with unease and prime the desire to know more.

From there we meet the “survivors” of this mysterious list connected to a long-defunct video game. Each of them seems fairly normal on the surface, but there are undercurrents everywhere, and when the group does get together, things get even weirder and scarier.

Unusually, this book has two writers: Lauren Beukes and Dave Halvorsen, and one artist, Ryan Kelly. Everyone is doing an excellent job of drawing me in and making me want to know more, even as I’m a little afraid of what I might learn. And that cover is killer.


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