And Then I Read: SURVIVORS’ CLUB 2

SrvivClub2Image © Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen & Ryan Kelly. Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

In the first issue of this new series, I was taken with the concept of a secret and very dangerous video game that has messed up the lives of a diverse group of people, and probably ended others, hence the title. This issue, I’m more intrigued with the characters. We have a pair of women who may be some kind of living, life-size Barbie dolls, a mental patient with contact to the game (Akheron), a pint-sized process server with some kind of unseen partner, a serial killer, also perhaps with an unseen partner, and a horror movie star who’s trying to get to the bottom of everything and find the game before it finishes off the rest of them. The writing and art are all quite good, and the plot is full of surprises, but it’s the characters that have me wanting more.


One thought on “And Then I Read: SURVIVORS’ CLUB 2

  1. Clem Robins

    i love Survivors’ Club. it’s a joy to work on. i spent six hours doing ten pages of it today, which means i didn’t make a whole lot of money. but i put all my heart and soul into it. it’s nice to have projects that demand that much out of you.

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